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My name is Stefan Oehrli. I’m a Swiss electrical engineer working since several years as an Oracle DBA. My main interests are backup & recovery, database internals, database security, infrastructure management and other stuff coming across my daily work as a DBA. On this website I share my experience and some of my thoughts in these areas with you. Among other things, you find my blog, a few scripts, links to some papers and presentations I have written or co-authored, list of public appearances as well links to other interesting web resources.  


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  • 18 October 2017 : Oracle CPU / PSU Announcement October 2017
    The Oracle open world 2017 is over, the dust just settled down. A perfect time for Oracle to release the October critical patch advisory. With not less than 270 new security vulnerability fixes across the Oracle products it seems to be a rather huge update. From the DB perspective it is nothing unusual. It contains 6 new security fixes [Read more...]

  • 27 September 2017 : Articles in DOAG Red Stack Magazin
    A while ago I wrote two articles for the DOAG Red Stack Magazin. In the meantime both articles have been published. For this reason I use the opportunity to make the PDF versions of the articles available on oradba.ch. The articles are written in German and available as Trivadis version as well Red Stack version. Although the articles versions differ [Read more...]

  • 7 September 2017 : Start ODSM on boot using systemd
    A couple of month ago I wrote blog on how to start Oracle Unified Directory (OUD) on system boot (see Start OUD Servers on Boot using systemd) using a unit file and systemd. Quite a simple and straightforward way to start OUD. Why not using the same approach for ODSM? This can be easily implemented, because my weblog infrastructure is [Read more...]

  • 31 August 2017 : Oracle Unified Directory 12 Released
    Finally end of working day. But while reading some newsletter and mails on my way home, I realised that there will be some work at home. After a long wait, Oracle has finally released Oracle Unified Directory 12c 🙂 A overview of the new features: Improved performance and scalability Support for TNS aliases for Oracle Unified Directory deployments with Oracle Enterprise [Read more...]

  • 16 June 2017 : GDPR and Database Security Speeches
    The new EU GDPR and Database Security in general keeps me busy. I've updated the list of speeches and events for the next couple of month. It's an interesting mix between GDPR, Oracle Database Security and MS SQL Server 2016 security. Depending on the feedback of the Call For Papers for the DOAG Conference and the Oracle OpenWorld there will [Read more...]