…somewhen even I have a blog

Yes, somewhen even I have a blog. After having accounts on gmail, twitter, xing, facebook and all the other networks, platforms etc. I thought it’s time to share my technical knowhow with anybody who want’s to see it.

As senior Oracle DBA I will mainly focus on general DBA stuff, Oracle Security, Backup & Recovery, Grid Control and probably also on some internal stuff.  But the future will show how and when some I find time to write a post.

The whole webpage is written in english, but… I’m a swiss guy so somewhen I will also find some information in german. If you think it could be interesting for you, but you german is not bullet proof do not hesitate to get in contact with me. Probably I have a english version around which is not ready for publishing.

I’m wondering if my syntax highlight plugin is working…

SELECT sysdate FROM dual;

… should look like SQL Code. To start with it looks ok. But I’m not really happy with the border.