Metalink Notes, some favorites

If time permits, I try to have a look once a day at the Knowledge Articles listed on my My Oracle Support (MOS) Dashboard. I’ve configured my Dashboard to show recently updated knowledge articles and alerts. Before Metalink was migrated to the flash based My Oracle Support, it was possible to configure a regularly e-mail newsletter with similar information but with MOS this somehow does not work anymore for me. Nevertheless going through the notes and alerts is a simple way to learn everyday something new about Oracle. Especially reading the alerts about bug you will find from time to time interessting internal stuff. Tanel Poder wrote about this topic in his blog quite a while ago.

During my daily MOS review I realized, that there are since a while more and more notes around with titles like Master Note for… or All about…. These notes provides often a rough overview and a good starting point to dig a bit deeper into a particular topic. For my first technical post I thought it would be a good idea to providing a list with some of these notes. Due to the fact that my blog audience is not yet that big, the list is at least a nice personel reference to some notes 🙂 The list is not concluding, I only pick a few which a read or plan to read. There are much more…

Not all of the notes have the same quality but nevertheless they are a good staring point into a certain topic. For a bether overview I’ve put them in a few different categories. Some of the notes would fit into more than just one category. For now I just post this list as a reference. I will probably look a bit deeper into some of the notes in a later post. By the way, you probably have to log into MOS before you click on one of theese links.


Database Security and Security Feature related Notes.

  • All About Security: User, Privilege, Role, SYSDBA, O/S Authentication, Audit, Encryption, OLS, Database Vault, Audit Vault [207959.1]
  • Master Note For Transparent Data Encryption [1228046.1]
  • Quick and dirty TDE Setup and FAQ [1251597.1]
  • Managing TDE wallets in a RAC environment [567287.1]
  • Master Note For Oracle Database Vault [1195205.1]
  • Master Note For Oracle Audit Vault [1199033.1]

Backup & Recovery, Availability and related Features

Master notes related to backup & recovery and availability.

Database Feature, Options and Components

A few master notes on database components and features.

  • Master Note for Oracle Data Mining [1087643.1]
  • Master Note for Oracle JVM [1098505.1]
  • Master Note for Oracle Multimedia/interMedia [1078222.1]
  • Master Note for Oracle Spatial and Oracle Locator Installation [220481.1]
  • Master Note for Oracle XML Developer’s Kit [1133826.1]
  • Master Note for the Oracle OLAP Option [1107593.1]
  • Master Note for OLTP Compression [1223705.1]
  • Master Note for Oracle XML DB Protocols: FTP HTTP HTTPS WebDAV, APEX and Native Database Web Services [1083991.1]
  • Master Note for Oracle Database Machine and Exadata Storage Server [1187674.1]
  • Master Note for Automatic Storage Management (ASM) [1187723.1]
  • Master Note for Transportable Tablespaces (TTS) — Common Questions and Issues [1166564.1]

Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning

A few master notes related to database troubleshooting and performance tuning.

  • Introduction to 600/7445 Internal Error Analysis [390293.1]
  • How to deal with ORA-600 Internal Errors [146581.1]
  • Master Note for Diagnosing ORA-600 [1092832.1]
  • Master Note for Diagnosing ORA-7445 [1092855.1]
  • Master Note: How to diagnose Database Performance – FAQ [402983.1]
  • Master Note: Query Tuning Overview [199083.1]
  • FAQ: Query Tuning Frequently Asked Questions [398838.1]
  • Diagnostics for Query Tuning Problems [68735.1]
  • Master Note for Diagnosing ORA-4030 [1088267.1]
  • Master Note for Diagnosing ORA-4031 [1088239.1]
  • ORA-4031 Common Analysis/Diagnostic Scripts [Video][430473.1]
  • 11g Understanding Automatic Diagnostic Repository. [422893.1]
  • 11g Diagnosability: Frequently Asked Questions [453125.1]
  • Master Note for Troubleshooting Oracle Managed Distributed Transactions [100664.1]

Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control

Master notes for Grid Control, DB Console and related Tools.

  • Master Note for 10g Enterprise Manager Grid Control Security Framework [1092513.1]
  • Master Note for 10g Grid Control Enterprise Manager Communication and Upload issues [1086343.1]
  • Master Note for 10g Grid Control OMS Process Control (Start, Stop and Status) & Configuration [1081865.1]
  • Master Note for 10g Grid Control OMS Performance Issues [1161003.1]
  • Master Note for 10g Grid Control Agent Process Control (Start, Stop & Status) & Configuration [1082009.1]
  • Master Note for Diagnostic Tools for 10g Enterprise Manager Grid Control Components [1098262.1]
  • Master Note for Target Maintenance Through 10g Enterprise Manager Grid Control [1202453.1]
  • Master Note for 10g Grid Console Browser / User-interface Issues [1190323.1]
  • Master Note for 10g Enterprise Manager Grid Control Agent Performance & Core Dump issues [1087997.1]
  • Master Note for Grid Control Installation and Upgrade [1067438.1]
  • EMDIAG Master Index [421053.1]


A lot of other notes which did not fit in one of my 3-4 sections.

  • Master Note For Oracle Database Upgrades and Migrations [1152016.1]
  • Master Note For Oracle Database Downgrade [1151427.1]
  • Master Note For Oracle Database Server Installation [1156586.1]
  • Master Note of Linux OS Requirements for Database Server [851598.1]
  • Master Note for Inventory [1192649.1]
  • Master Note on Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) for installing Oracle Database Software [1157464.1]
  • Master Note For Cloning Oracle Database Server ORACLE_HOME’s Using the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) [1154613.1]
  • Master Note For OPatch [293369.1]
  • Master Note For Oracle Database Client Installation [1157463.1]
  • Master Note For The Oracle ODBC Driver [741033.1]
  • Master Note For The Oracle Provider for OLE DB (OLE DB) [1132946.1]
  • Master Note Index for Oracle Application Server (Fusion Middleware) [1074916.1]

One more thing…

If you do not like the flash version of MOS there is also a HTML version around. The functionality is a bit limited, but you still can access all important information. Very handy if you access MOS from a device without flash (e.g. iPad). The HTML version is available through the link More information to the HTML version can be found in the article Master Note for My Oracle Support – TUGBU Tools and Tips (1151721.1] or My Oracle FAQ [747242.5]