Oracle Released EM 12c Cloud Control for Solaris

As Oracle announce in there MOS Note 793512.1 EM 12c Cloud Control will be release in Q4. I would have bet it comes on 31 December, but Oracle just released EM12c for SPARC Solaris as well as for Solaris x86_64. I’ve just stated to download the software. Like for Linux there also two ZIP archive for each solaris release. Total size for each OS is almost 6GB. In addition to EM12c you have to download Oracle database 11g if you haven’t done it yet.

Ok, here are the links and information related to EM12c for Solaris:

Beside the EM12c downloads, there are also EM12c agents as separate download for Linux x86 (32-bit), Linux x86-64 (64-bit), Solaris Operating System (SPARC) and Solaris Operating System (x86-64) available. Download URL’s and documentation is available at the OTN page Enterprise Manager Agent Downloads. Each agent is about 250MB but these files can not be used to install a fresh 12.1 agent. This file will be used by 12.1 Self Update feature in offline mode. For information on using the Self Update feature, refer to the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Administrator’s Guide.

Mmh, now I just need a solaris test box to start with EM12c…

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