New release of Oracle Audit Vault

Somewhen beginning of 2012 Oracle has secretly released an update of Oracle Audit Vault. So far just for Linux x86-64bit but I guess other OS will follow. The new release is available trough OTN or Oracle eDelivery. You’ll have to download around 2.3GB for the Audit Vault Server and an other 620MB for the Audit Vault Collection Agent. According the Oracle Audit Vault documentation this release has the following new features.

  • Starting with this release Oracle use a Database as Audit Vault repository
  • change of console URL respectively port from old http://host:5700/av to new https://host:1158/av
  • Updated MS SQL Server JDBC Driver. MS SQL Server JDBC Driver version 3.0 has to be used to configure Microsoft SQL Server source databases
  • Support for Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.5 and IBM DB2 9.7 for Linux, UNIX and MS Windows
  • SSL and HTTPS is automatically configured. Due to this a two avca command have been removed (secure_agent,secure_av)

OK the update to 11gR2 was somehow foreseeable. I wonder more why it took that long. Any way, I’ll setup a VM to do a short test installation and check how to new Audit Vault does look like. I’ll post my experience on the installation a bit later.

More details on these new features as well on all changes for and can be found in Oracle® Audit Vault Administrator’s Guide and Oracle Audit Vault Auditor’s Guide on OTN.

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