Oracle 12c New Security Features

I’ve just uploaded the slides for my lecture Oracle 12c new security features, as I had promised this in my previous posts. (See also DOAG 2013 Datenbank or DOAG SIG Security). The slides is a consolidation of my presentations on the New Security Features in latest generation of Oracle Database and does no reflect 1:1 the slides at the different events.

Yet a short summary of new security features

  • Oracle Data Redaction, Advanced Security feature to prevent display of sensitive data.
  • Support for Secure Hash Algorithm SHA-2 for DBMS_CRYPTO and the password hash.
  • New unified auditing and audit policies.
  • Privilege Analysis, to analyse who is using which privileges and clean up authorization.
  • New administration privileges like SYSBACKUP, SYSDG and SYSKM to reduce the dependence on SYSDBA and improve separation of duty.
  • Database Vault persistent protections, DB Vault does not longer depend on executables.

There is much more just on security. The full list of new features is available in the New Features Guide 12c Release 1 (12.1). Oracle 12c is a release with so many security innovations since long time. So let’s discuss the good, the bad and the mad….

If you plan to take a training have a look at the Trivadis Oracle Database 12c Techno Circle.

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