Oracle Database 12c

Oracle still hasn’t officially announce the new Oracle Database 12c release. But since OTN database overview has been changed to 12c, I guess it is now somehow official. As rumors hinted, one of the main innovations are pluggable databases now named multitenant. Other important new features and products are:

  • Adaptive Execution Plans
  • Application Continuity
  • Automatic Data Optimization (ADO)
  • Data Guard Far Sync
  • Data Redaction
  • Global Data Services
  • Heat Map
  • Multitenant (Pluggable Databases)
  • Pattern Matching
  • SQL Translation Framework

The full list of new features is available in the New Features Guide 12c Release 1 (12.1)

I’ve already had the chance to look into the New Security Features. (See also DOAG 2013 Datenbank or DOAG SIG Security) Therefore I’ll post more details on New Security Features in the next day’s and weeks. If you already plan to take a training have a look at the Trivadis Oracle Database 12c Techno Circle. Or are you already planning an upgrade? Then it is worth to have a look at Mike Dietrich’s Upgrade, Migrate and Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c slides.

References and Links

Some of the links are currently just partially available. It looks like Oracle is updating different links respectively references.

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  2. Cyrille MODIANO

    All these features are great, I recently post about RMAN new features in 12 like “RECOVER TABLE” or “RECOVER FROM SERVICE”

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