Update agent.jar on audit vault server

As I wrote in my post Error installing Audit Vault Agent 12.1.1 on AIX, there is a Audit Vault Agent bug 17058352 on AIX. Unfortunately it hasn’t yet been fixed in the latest bundle patch for Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall. If you haven’t changed your default profile in /etc/profile on your AIX server, you will run into the same issues again when trying to update the agents according the patch readme. Rather than downloading and fixing the agent.jar on each AIX system, it is also possible to update the agent.jar on the Audit Vault server before updating and restarting the agents on the monitored servers.

For this just login to the Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall server as support and become oracle.

ssh support@melete2

su - root
su - oracle

Locate your agent.jar, backup it and unpack the agentctl

cd /var/lib/oracle/dbfw/av/jlib/
cp agent.jar agent.jar_backup_bugfix_17058352
jar -xf agent.jar bin/agentctl

Update the agentctl and add LOGNAME the the list of pass through variable on line 46.

# Passthrough env vars
# Note: we passthru any vars with "-" invalid character

Put the updated agentctl script back to the agent.jar and run a regular installation.

jar -uf agent.jar bin/agentctl

You now just can proceed with updating the agent on the AIX servers.