Oracle CPU / PSU Pre-Release Announcement April 2014

Today Oracle has published the Pre-Release Announcement of the CPU Advisory for April 2014. This Critical Patch Update contains 103 new security vulnerability fixes for several Oracle products. There are only a few days since the publication of the vulnerability CVE-2014-0160 known as “Heartbleed”. Therefore I assume, that this patch update does not yet address the corresponding vulnerability.

Nevertheless it seems that it contains bug fix for some major security issues. From the Oracle database point of view it is a small update. There are only two security bug fix for the Oracle Database Server and no for client-only installations. But one of the vulnerabilities does have a CVSS rating of 8.5 and affects the Core RDBMS. The vulnerabilities of Oracle Java SE are even higher and rated with a 10.0 out of 10.0.

We will see all the details next Tuesday when Oracle is officially releasing official Critical Patch Update for April 2014. Next week I’ll have a closer look and do some test installations.

More details about the patch will follow soon on the Oracle Security Pages.