Release of Audit Vault and Database Firewall 12.1.2 Bundle Patch 7

Today Oracle released the new Bundle Patch for Audit Vault and Database Firewall 12.1.2. The patch can be downloaded as usual on Oracle Metalink as Patchset 21920205 for existing installations. The full installation image for new installations is not yet available on Oracle eDelivery. I guess this will follow in a couple of days. Beside the Bundle Patch, Oracle will also updated the Backup Script to the latest Release. The scripts will be available via My Oracle Support Note 1556200.1

According the readme, the Release 12.1.2 BP7 just contains the October 2015 Patch Set Update for the database. The base platform has been updated with several not precisely specified bug fixes. These include security and stability fixes to Java and the underlying Linux operating system plus the bug fix for the following bug:

Bug Number Description

Since the PSU for October 2015 does includes some critical but fixes for clusterserver (CVSS Rating 10). It is recommended to install this Bundle Patch.

Patch installation

The patch installation is rather simple. Most important is that the following directories have enough free space:

  • 5 GB in /var/lib/oracle
  • 5 GB in /var/tmp
  • 4.5 GB in /root

To install the patch just copy the iso to the AVDF server and run the ruby script. Alternatively you may also mount the iso directly on the Server instead of copy it first. eg. if you run your AVDF in a VM environment. Detailed installation instruction could be taken from the Patch Readme

[root@melete ~]# /bin/mount -oloop,ro /root/avdf-upgrade- /images
[root@melete ~]# yum -c /images/upgrade.repo clean all
Cleaning up Everything

[root@melete ~]# /usr/bin/ruby /images/upgrade.rb
Verifying upgrade preconditions
Mounting boot partition
Removing obsolete files and packages
Applying kernel upgrade
Upgrading system
Remove media and reboot now to fully apply changes.

[root@melete ~]# /sbin/reboot

Broadcast message from root (pts/0) (Mon Nov  9 14:51:46 2015):

The system is going down for reboot NOW!

AVDF Backup

Beside the Bundle Patch, Oracle will also updated the AVDF Backup Script to match the latest Release. The script itself is not yet available, but the new Version will be posted in My Oracle Support Note Audit Vault Server Backup and Restore for Release and Prior [1556200.1].


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