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Here you will find a list of planned and past presentations, seminars and classes.

  • Wed

    Trivadis TechTalk GDPR Impact on data security in your databases - Are you ready?

    13:30Trivadis Danmark (Jylland)

    It is almost a year ago since the new General Data Protection Regularion (GDPR) has been published. It will take another year until GDPR comes into effect. A year goes by faster than you think. It is definitely time to deal with the topic and the possible impact on database. What does the new GDPR mean for companies in general and IT departments in particular? How does the implementation of the EU GDPR impact IT departments, Systems and Processes? Changes can be expected, therefore data privacy and data protection is a hot topic discussed at a global level.

    In addition to a brief introduction into GDPR, the various security features of the Oracle Database 12c as well as MS SQL Server 2016 are discussed.

    Draft Agenda:

    • 13:30 Check-in & Registrering
    • 13:40  Velkomst
    • 13:45  Introduction to EU GDPR and its impact on databases
    • 14:30  Kaffepause
    • 14:50  Database Security Features Oracle
    • 15:20  Pause
    • 15:30  Database Security Features MS SQL Server
    • 16:00  Q&A
    • 16:30  Afrunding

    Although the Agenda is in danish, presentation will be in English 🙂

  • Tue

    EU GDPR and its impact on Oracle Databases


    Trivadis is organizing once a month a short webinar. With these webinars, Trivadis provides information on the latest topics from the IT world. The webinar on June 13th will be held by Christian Golz and me. We will speak about GDPR and its impact on Oracle Databases. Interested? More information as well online registration for the Trivadis TriCast is available online TriCast About. Currently most of the TriCast's are in German. In case of high demand, we will also held them in English.

  • Fri

    Trivadis TechEvent 2017


    Like every year, Trivadis meets for their annual TechEvent. This event is organized twice a year. In Spring as a smaller internal event and in late summer as one of the biggest IT event in switzerland also for Trivadis customers. You do not yet know the TechEvent? Have a look at the video Trivadis TechEvent If you're interested, have a look at Trivadis TechEvent 2017 - Passion meets Innovation or get in touch with your Trivadis customer contact of your trust.


  • Tue

    DOAG Conference 2017


    As every year, the DOAG conference in Nürnberg takes place in November. This year I've applied for two presentations and a Security Training.

    • Oracle Kerberos in 5 Minuten...
    • Enterprise User Security mit OUD und MS AD in a Nutshell
    • Oracle 12c Release 2 Datenbank Sicherheit in a Nutshell (Schulungstag)

    So far the Oracle 12c Security Training has been approved. In a couple of weeks I'll know if also one of my presentations gets approved. See you at the DOAG in Nürnberg.



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