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Here you will find a list of planned and past presentations, seminars and classes.

  • Thu

    SOUG Day


    Mid June I give a lecture on Oracle 18c New Security Features at the SOUG day in Baden.

    The aim of the presentation is to discuss the various security enhancements which has been introduced with Oracle Release 18c. But which features are worth a closer look at? In what context do the new features and option do make sense? How can security be improved in general with Oracle database 18c? Where does it make sense to invest in additional database options? The aim of this lecture is to answer these and other questions around Oracle Database 18c security.

    Among others this presentation will cover the following security enhancements (not conclusively)

    • Create a User-Defined Master Encryption Key
    • Use Encrypted Passwords for Database Links with Oracle Data Pump
    • Use Oracle Data Pump to Export and Import the Unified Audit Trail
    • Create a Keystore for Each Pluggable Database
    • Create Schema Only Accounts
    • Encrypt Sensitive Credential Data in the Data Dictionary
    • Enhancements to Oracle Database Vault
    • Integration of Active Directory Services with Oracle Database
    • Ability to Write Unified Audit Trail Records to SYSLOG or the Windows Event Viewer

    Have a look at the SOUG Webpage for a detailed Agenda of the Event and the location. Looking forward to see you there.

  • Wed

    DOAG SIG Security


    I present a lecture on Oracle Unified Directory on Docker at the DOAG SIG Security in Stuttgart. Slides and presentations will be in German. Short abstract on my presentations:

    Oracle Unified Directory ist eine All-in-One-Verzeichnislösung mit Speicher-, Proxy-, Synchronisations- und Virtualisierungsfunktionen. Je nachdem welche Deployment-Methode verwendet wird, lässt sich OUD einfach in einem Docker Container konfigurieren und betreiben. Im Rahmen dieses Vortrages werden Punkte rund um OUD on Docker besprochen.

    More Information on the Event including full agenda, registration etc is available on the DOAG web side DOAG SIG Events.

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