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Here you will find a list of planned and past presentations, seminars and classes.

  • Thu



    In about two weeks I will participate at the SOUG special interest group at Baden. I will present a paper entitled “New Security Features in latest generation of Oracle Database“. Where latest generation of Oracle Database does not stand for an other Oracle 11g release. But that’s an other story…

    The aim of the presentation is to provide a range of information on new security features as they could be released in with latest generation of Oracle Database. It covers the following possible new features.

    • Data Redaction
    • Unified Datenbank Auditing
    • Role and Privilege Analysis
    • Improved Database Vault
    • Database Application Security Architecture
    • Improved Key Management
    • New OS Roles

    Have a look at the SOUG Webpage for a detailed Agenda of the Event and the location. Looking forward to see you there.

    Slides for lecture  Oracle_Database_12c_New_Security_Feature.pdf.

  • Tue

    DOAG SIG Security


    I present a lecture on the latest Generation of Database Technology at the DOAG SIG Security in München.

    More Information on the Event including full agenda, registration etc is available at the DOAG website München.

    Slides for lecture  Oracle_Database_12c_New_Security_Feature.pdf.

  • Tue

    DOAG 2013 Datenbank


    I'll speak about some improvements in the latest generation of Oracle Database. The content of the presentation is a mixture of the presentations I've lectured at SOUG SIG Baden and DOAG SIG Security Munich. It covers the following possible new features. The features will explained by several practical examples.

    • Data Redaction
    • Unified Database Auditing
    • Role and Privilege Analysis

    More Information on the Event is available on the DOAG website.

    Slides for lecture  Oracle_Database_12c_New_Security_Feature.pdf.

  • Wed

    DOAG SIG Security


    Oracle Database 12c is finaly available! Beside a bunch of new feature for database consolidation it brings as well some interessting new and improved security features. But which of the new features and option do make sense in what context? Are there changes which have impact on database operation? How can security be improved in general with Oracle database 12? Where does it make sense to invest in additional database options? The aime of this lecture is to answer these and other questions around Oracle Database 12c security.

    Based on first experiences and insights among others, the following topics are discussed:

    • Strong Authentication
    • Network Encryption
    • Data Redaction
    • New Roles and Privileges
    • Unified Database Audit
    • Hints on Licensing of Security Features
    • And an overview of further enhancements in the area of database security

    More Information on the Event including full agenda, registration etc is available at the DOAG website

    Slides for lecture  DOAG_SIG_Security_Oracle_Database_12c_New_Security_Features.pdf.

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