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Oracle Patchset released

Oracle has released the patchset for Oracle 11g Release 2. The current patchset is as well as the other 11g R2 patchsets a full installation. This means you will have to download quite a bit from Metalink, altogether 7 files. On My Oracle Support search for patchset 13390677 or follow the link to reach the download page.

So far the patch set is only available for Linux (x86 and x86-64bit), Oracle Solaris on SPARC (32bit and 64bit) and Oracle Solaris on x86 and x86-64bit. The Metalink Note Patch Set – Availability and Known Issues [1562139.1] or the generic ALERT for Oracle 11g Release 2 ALERT: Oracle 11g Release 2 (11.2) Support Status and Alerts [880782.1] will list the patch set for other platforms as soon as they are available. The first Metalink Note is currently still under construction 🙂 .

List of Bugfixes

In the Metalink Note 1562142.1 you find a hell of a long list with bugs fixed in this patchset. But also this document is currently under construction. I think you would be well advised to test the patchset before installing on production. According to Metalink Note 1562139.1 there are up to now only two notable fixes with potential change in behavior but no new issues introduced in this patchset. So check the Metalink Note on updates.

New Features

Compared with previous patch set this one does not include all too many new features. Below a you find a list of the new features included in this patch set.

  • Oracle Data Redaction
  • Trace File Analyzer and Collector
  • RACcheck – The Oracle RAC Configuration Audit Tool
  • Database Replay Support for Database Consolidation
  • Dynamic Statistics
  • Optimization for Flashback Data Archive History
  • New sqlnet.ora Parameter SSL_EXTENDED_KEY_USAGE
  • New PrimaryLostWriteAction Property

Features like Oracle Data Redaction are backported from Oracle 12c R1 (See Oracle 12c New Security Features). Details on these new feature are available in the Oracle documentation Oracle Database 11g Release 2 ( New Features.


A collection of a few important Metalink Notes, readme and other links related to Patchset

  • README for 13390677
  • ALERT: Oracle 11g Release 2 (11.2) Support Status and Alerts [880782.1]
  • Patch Set – Availability and Known Issues [1562139.1]
  • Patch Set – List of Bug Fixes by Problem Type [1562142.1]
  • Quick Reference to Patchset Patch Numbers [753736.1]
  • Important Changes to Oracle Database Patch Sets Starting With [1189783.1]
  • Information on installing the patch set must be taken from the documentation (Installing and Upgrading) or the Metaling Note: Complete checklist for out-of-place manual upgrade from to [ID 1276368.1] (old only used as reference)