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Update: Oracle Patchset released

I finally found some time to update my blog post on Oracle Patchset released. Beside the list of new features, I have included a number of links related to this patch set.

Oracle Patchset released

About a week ago Oracle has released the first patchset for Oracle 12c Release 1. So far the patch set is only available for Linux x86-64bit, Oracle Solaris SPARC 64bit and Oracle Solaris x86-64bit. You may download the Patchset on Oracle Software Delivery Cloud eDelivery.oracle.com, on Oracle Technology Network Oracle Database 12c Release 1 or on My Oracle Support as Patchset 17694377.

To download the full patch set you will have to download altogether 8 files. But in most cases you are interested in the first two ZIP files, which you need for the oracle Database. The other files are for Oracle Grid Infrastructure, Oracle Database Client, Oracle Gateways, Oracle Examples or Oracle GSM.

A bit special for this Patchset is, that it is only available as Oracle Enterprise Edition. Oracle Standard Edition and Standard Edition One will be available at a later stage. More information on this topic on MOS Note 1905806.1.

I will post more information on other platforms or editions as soon as it is available.

New Features

The first patch set for Oracle 12c Release 1 does mainly include a bunch of new feature for Oracle Pluggable Database, Caching and In-memory. Below a you find a list of the new features included in this patch set. Ludovico, a work colleague has already written a blog post about Oracle Database 12c in-memory option, a quick overview a few days ago.

  • Advanced Index Compression
  • Approximate Count Distinct
  • Attribute Clustering
  • Automatic Big Table Caching
  • FDA Support for CDBs
  • Full Database Caching
  • In-Memory Aggregation
  • In-Memory Column Store
  • JSON Support
  • New FIPS 140 Parameter for Encryption
  • PDB File Placement in OMF
  • PDB Logging Clause
  • PDB Metadata Clone
  • PDB Remote Clone
  • PDB Snapshot Cloning Additional Platform Support
  • PDB State Management Across CDB Restart
  • PDB Subset Cloning
  • Rapid Home Provisioning
  • Zone Maps


A collection of a few important Metalink Notes, readme and other links related to Patchset