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Audit Vault and Database Firewall 12.1.1 Bundle Patch 1

Oracle just released the new bundle patch for Audit Vault and Database Firewall 12.1.1. The patch can be downloaded on metaling as RPM patch set for existing installations or as full installation images for new installations.

According the readme, the BP1 contains the July 2013 PSU for the database as well several bug fix for both the audit vault server and the database firewall.

  • 16993733 Client program column is null when audit collected from Oracle table trail
  • 16699889 Database Vault:Legacy Audit:12c – mapping for a few events missing
  • 16399439 Audit settings UI problem when IE8 browser is used.
  • 16860810 Firewall reports ODF-10001: Internal error: did not find substitution string
  • 15831798 “Print success message checksum content error” seen on login after timeout
  • 16878611 “ATC” files may not be refreshed (file ownership)
  • 16879023 Starting a trail takes a long time – many minutes
  • 16939931 Trails stop when files are deleted

The installation on my test system was quite straightforward. You just have to copy the RPM package on the AV server and start the installation as root with rpm.

[root@melete2 ~]# /bin/rpm -U /tmp/avs-
[root@melete2 ~]#

As prerequisite all secure targets and avagents have to be stopped. A simple task on a test environment like I use. But this can become quite cumbersome in a real production environment with a couple of hundred secure targets.

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