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Audit Vault and Database Firewall 12.1.1 Bundle Patch 2

This week Oracle has sent a small Christmas gift for its AVDF customers. They Released the second bundle patch for Audit Vault and Database Firewall 12.1.1. In contrast to the BP1 there is no full installation image available. New installations will have to start with the full installation image from BP1 (Patch 16965974) and apply the BP2 (Patch 17913249).

According the readme, the BP2 contains the October 2013 PSU for the database as well several bug fix.

  • 16913946 Upgrade of Windows agent fails
  • 17303061 Novelty Policy only displays small percentage of all SQL tables collected
  • 17372776 Novelty Policy UI processes table names from event_log incorrectly
  • 15968896 Novelty Policies do not provide option for DML Read Only
  • 17416529 Some table names in a Novelty Policy rule may be ignored
  • 16818336 HA-related code on the standby system reports error incorrectly
  • 16834855 HA can be only configured if the future standby database is still standalone

Furthermore oracle has adapted the patch update process. Instead of installing an RPM you’ll have to mount the iso and run a ruby script. The installation on a Audit Vault Server in a nutshell…

  • Stop all audit trails on Audit Vault Server console
  • Stop all Audit Vault Agents
  • Uninstall the host monitor
  • Copy the ISO onto the Audit Vault Server and mount it
  • Start upgrade Script
  • Reboot Audit Vault Server

Even when its not anymore a RPM to install it’s still quite straightforward.

[root@melete2 ~]# /bin/mount -oloop,ro /root/avdf-upgrade- /mnt
[root@melete2 ~]# /usr/bin/ruby /mnt/upgrade.rb
[root@melete2 ~]# /sbin/reboot


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