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My name is Stefan Oehrli. I’m a Swiss electrical engineer working since several years as an Oracle DBA and consultant. My main interests are backup & recovery, database internals, database security, infrastructure management and other stuff coming across my daily work as a DBA and Platform Architect at Trivadis. For a while now, Oracle Unified Directory has been one of them. On this website I share my experience and some of my thoughts in these areas with you. Among other things, you find my blog, a few scripts, links to some papers and presentations I have written or co-authored, list of public appearances as well links to other interesting web resources.


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  • A simple Container based Guacamole Setup
    Another food blog post? No, of course not. Guacamole in this case does not refer to the avocado-based dip, but to the Apache client less remote desktop gateway. We use this as an alternative access to the OCI based Trivadis LAB environment. We use an automatically configured Guacamole environment with Nginx reverse proxy and Let’s […]
  • Home office, starving and the favourite takeaway is far away
    It happens that the children are at school and the wife is at work in the hospital. For lunch a light snack from the takeaway around the corner would be perfect. No problem at work in the city, but when working from home? The offer in my area is relatively modest. Hey but why not […]
  • How to get an Oracle 21c Database on the Oracle Cloud
    A few hours ago Oracle published a blog post about the new version Oracle 21c. See Introducing Oracle Database 21c. It is again an innovation release with a couple of interesting new features and enhancements. The online Oracle Documentation library does provide a few information on this enhancements: Oracle Database 21c What’s New Oracle® Database […]
  • Security Best Practice: Oracle passwords, but secure!
    Today I held my presentation about Oracle security best practice “Oracle passwords, but secure!” at the virtual UKOUG event. Unfortunately, this year the beautiful view of Brighton beach and the active exchange with colleagues was missing. Ok, on the other hand I was able to enjoy the first snow in Switzerland with my children. 😊 […]
  • Oracle Security EUS Snippets – Setup Proxy User Privileges
    Since I’m always short of time for a longer blog post, I’ll just try a short one. Intended as a mini-series, I will show different configuration examples for Oracle Enterprise User Security. Today I’ll start with the configuration of EUS based proxy privileges. The environment I use is DOE, my Docker based Oracle Engineering environment. […]

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