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My name is Stefan Oehrli. I’m a Swiss electrical engineer working since several years as an Oracle DBA. My main interests are backup & recovery, database internals, database security, infrastructure management and other stuff coming across my daily work as a DBA and Solution Manager at Trivadis. For a while now, Oracle Unified Directory has been one of them. On this website I share my experience and some of my thoughts in these areas with you. Among other things, you find my blog, a few scripts, links to some papers and presentations I have written or co-authored, list of public appearances as well links to other interesting web resources.


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  • 9 June 2020 : Kerberos Troubleshooting – A few approaches
    It is way too long ago since my last blog post. These were or are busy weeks for me. Any way, I finally found some time to start writing a blog post about a special setup for kerberos authentication of Oracle databases. It is about configuring kerberos authentication for multiple database servers with only one active directory account and corresponding [Read more...]

  • 4 December 2019 : PDB Isolation and Security
    Brighton see side Today I did have my first presentation at the UKOUG TechFest 2019 in Brighton. Looking back it was a great day with many interesting lectures and good conversations with colleagues and partners. After a long and exhausting day I'll take a few minutes to sum up my presentation about the PDB isolation and Security. When you start using Oracle [Read more...]

  • 28 November 2019 : Oracle Enterprise User Security with multiple ldap.ora
    Recently I came across the situation where I have to configure Enterpriser User Security for a database server with multiple databases for different directories. This is quite tricky when using a shared Oracle Home and a central TNS_ADMIN directory for SQLNet configuration. A common TNS_ADMIN also implies the use of only one ldap.ora file. Several ldap servers can be registered [Read more...]

  • 23 September 2019 : title
    If you've landed here, you've probably followed one of my tweets with the URL url.oradba.ch/30hnNDL. I did use the MarsEdit functionality to download and update the side template. MarsEdit creates a new posts, which will be deleted immediately. The problem is when new posts are automatically published directly on twitter. Of course, the tweet is not deleted automatically, but points [Read more...]

  • 20 September 2019 : Audit Trail cleanup in Oracle Multitenant environments
    A crucial aspect of any database audit concept is the management and maintenance of audit trails. Depending on the defined audit policies and the database activity, an audit trail can grow relatively quickly. Oracle Multitenant environments increase the operational effort because the root container and each PDB uses their own audit trail. Ok, for a simple CDB with 2-3 PDB [Read more...]

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